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Rukawa HIME-NEMURI Deep Night Serum #C31
From dry skin to wrinkles, sleep can impact your skin in a lot of ways. Choosing an essential & unique serum like Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum #C31 Deep Sleeping Beauty Essence is the ultimate step. Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum #C31 supports you to greatly relax and get rid of remarkable pores in the morning. It is also a futuristic tech product that provides pampering as well as take care of your skin while sleeping.
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1. Original technology of Rukawa Pharmaceuticals Inc.

  • HIME-NEMURI™ is serum for modern busy working people that don't get much sleep developed jointly by Japan team and New York team of Rukawa Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Rukawa’s New York team invented DN Repair™ with cat's claw bark and human ceramides. This original component soothes damaged skin and leads it to be healthier and smoother.
  • The key ingredients - DN Repair™ & Japanese Aroma Essential Oil improve both working performance and beauty for men / women who sometimes have limited time to sleep with work in big cities around the world through research on Deep Sleep™.
  • By deepen first 90 minutes asleep, growth hormones are generated which stimulate cell reproduction – cure acnes, dark spots, fine wrinkles, dry skin ad large pores. 
  • Cat’s claw bark, the raw material for AC-11, has long been supporting the health of the native people in the plant’s country of origin. They have been consuming the extract of cat’s claw black in the form of a tea for more than 2000 years. 
  • What is AC-11 (Activate Chromosome-11)? By enhancing the weakened DNA repair ability of the body and helping the normalization of damaged DNA, AC-11 supports your health and beauty in a fundamental manner. FDA has accepted the use function claim “helps to enhance natural DNA repair” on the label. Effect: anti-aging, immune function, sunburn suppression effect, skin lightening, anti-inflammation effect.
  • Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum #C31 has a moisturizing effect that deeply moisturizes the skin by blending 5 types of human ceramide and Rukawa Pharmaceutical's original DN repair ingredient. It moisturizes your skin deeply but non-greasy. You may see the effect in 40 seconds after apply. The key component AC-11 found in Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum C31 helps in pore minimize and skin whitening.


2. Natural ingredient for deep sleep

  • Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum C31 is an aroma scent created by a unique blend of natural Japanese citrus "Yuzu" and Italian chamomile. It was jointly developed by a Japanese perfumer and the Rukawa Pharmaceutical Development Team with the aim of creating a deep relaxing environment before going to bed. 
  • The scent of Japanese Yuzu from Hime-Nemuri Serum #C31 is the aroma of essential oil with the concept of Made in Japan. At Japanese premium Ryokan (resort hotel), the scent of yuzu is used in the bedroom to relax customers and help them sleep deeply.
  • Yuzu junos has traditionally been used as a relaxing scent in Japan for over 1000 years. In Japan, Yuzu junos has a long history of various stories such as peace of mind and whitening effects.
  • Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum C31 is a skincare product. It's not a drug, so it doesn't have sleep-inducing effect. However, a research paper that recognizes that constituents of yuzu and chamomile essential oil have a relaxing effect and was published both inside and outside of Japan. The research data from universities in Osaka have also proven a relaxing effect and stress reduction.
  • The scent itself is gentle, and it is designed so that the scent disappears after about 40 seconds of use.


3.  Safe to use - Artificial color-free, Paraben-free

  • HIME-NEMURI™ is produced at our affiliated factory with an excellent quality control where thoroughly prevents contamination of bacteria by microbial testing in Japan.


4. Suitable for everyone - both men and women

  • It is especially recommended for those who are busy with work and those who have poor skin condition such as wrinkles, age spots, dullness, and conspicuous pores around the eyes due to lack of sleep. 


5. Easy to use – add 1 step to your skincare routine

  • We recommend you apply Rukawa HIME-NEMURI™ Deep Night Serum C31 to your skin after cleansing your face and applying toner/your skincare products. After facial lotion, put a suitable amount (3 to 4 drops) on hands and apply and smooth all over face while enjoying the aroma before sleeping. You can use it not only before sleeping but also anytime according to your lifestyle.
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