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SUKE MENANG Terms and Conditions


The “SUKE MENANG” Event (“Lucky Draw Event”) is organized and sponsored by DNF Group Sdn. Bhd. (“SUKE”). The Lucky Draw Event is governed by these terms and conditions, including any subsequent amendments thereto ("Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions") and shall be read together with SUKE’s Sales Terms and Conditions (“Sales Terms and Conditions”). If any of the terms or expressions which are capitalised is not defined herein, it shall have the meaning prescribed to it as set out in the Sales Terms and Conditions.


1.     Lucky Draw Event Period

1.1.   The Lucky Draw Event shall run from 28.3.2022 until 31.12.2023 (“Event Period”).

1.2.  Notwithstanding hereof, SUKE shall be entitled to revise the Event Period at any time based on its sole discretion without prior notice. SUKE shall not be held liable for any revision of the Event Period.

1.3.   All entries received before or after the Event Period shall automatically be disqualified.


2.     Eligibility

2.1.   The Lucky Draw Event is open to all Customers and Users of SUKE.

2.2.   The following category of persons are not eligible to enter the Lucky Draw Event:

2.2.1.   Employees of SUKE and their immediate family members (i.e., spouses, children, parents, siblings and their spouses);

2.2.2.  Representatives, employees and/or agents of SUKE’s service providers relating to the organization and/or running of the Lucky Draw Event and their immediate family members (i.e., spouses, children, parents, siblings and their spouses);

2.2.3.   Individuals who have been declared bankrupt or wound up; and

2.2.4.   Individuals who are of unsound mind.

2.3.    For the purpose of this clause, “Users” means any party who utilizes SUKE services at any and/or all mediums by SUKE which includes but not be limited to SUKE Shopping Platforms and its other TV Channel.
2.4.    By participating in the Lucky Draw Event, the participants warrant and confirm that he or she does not fall within the categories of persons and/or entities excluded under Clause 2.2 above.


3.       Participating Criteria

3.1.      The Eligible Participants may earn an entry (“Entry”) to stand a chance to win the prizes by purchasing any Product with the minimum purchase of RM100.00 in a single receipt from any of the SUKE Shopping Platforms. Each purchase according to this clause is deemed as a submission of one Entry.

3.2.      For the avoidance of doubt, there is no limit to the number of purchases that an Eligible Participant may make. The more purchases made by the Eligible Participant, the higher the chances of winning.


4.       Winner Selection

4.1.      SUKE’s automated system will select a winner from the pool of the Eligible Participants based on the total Entries earned by the Eligible Participants within the Event Period.

4.2.      The winner will be contacted by SUKE’s representatives through the contact details provided on any of the SUKE Shopping Platforms.

4.3.      In the event the winner cannot be contacted for whatsoever reason, SUKE shall have the right to immediately select a substitute winner at its sole and absolute discretion and SUKE shall be absolved from any liability during the exercise of its right provided herein.

4.4.      The winner will stand a chance to win a cash prize up to RM1,000,000.00.

4.5.      The winner of the prize is required to post their proof of winning and acceptance of the prize(s) on their social media platform of their choice which may include but not be limited to Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog accounts or any other relevant social media platforms (“Posting”) and to tag or include the social media account(s) of SUKETV on such Posting.


5.        General Terms and Conditions

 5.1.   SUKE reserves the right to publish or display the name, photos and/or other necessary details of any winner for advertising and publicity purposes in any manner it deems appropriate. By participating in the Lucky Draw Event, the Eligible Participants hereby consent to and agree that SUKE shall be at liberty to publish and/or display materials and/or information, including but not limited to the name and photos of the winner without compensation for advertising and publicity purposes. Non-compliance of this clause may result in an alternative winner being chosen by SUKE.
5.2.   SUKE reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any Eligible Participants that it determines to be tampering with the entry process, or to be acting in breach or potential breach of the Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions and/or the Sales Terms and Conditions. All the results and/or the winner selections shall be conclusive and any party who questions the eligibility of such result or selection may be disqualified to participate in any of SUKE’s future event.
5.3.   SUKE reserves the right to amend, change, revise, modify, alter or remove the Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions and any of the information made available to the Customers or Users at any time it deems fit without prior written notice. Any amendment, revision, modification, alteration or removal shall be effective after they are posted on any medium on SUKE Shopping Platforms. No compensation in cash or any kind shall be given to the Eligible Participants for any losses or damages suffered or incurred by the Eligible Participants as a direct or an indirect result of such amendment, change, revision, modification, alteration or removal of the Terms and Conditions herein.
5.4.   SUKE shall not be held liable and responsible for any default in respect of the Lucky Draw Event due to any act of Force Majeure.
5.5.   All Trademarks of the SUKE, the Lucky Draw Event and all information published and related to it shall be vested and owned by SUKE and remain the exclusive property of SUKE.